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Virtual Swim Challenge
What the heck is a Virtual Swim?
FUN is the aim of the game!
Entering a virtual challenge is the ultimate way of staying active, earning awesome rewards, and helping our volunteer non-profits raise money to help Kids & K-9's!

Just to recap:
1. Raise $$$ for our non-profits
2. Earn awesome medals and prizes
3. Have fun and stay active
4. Let your dog show off his medals!

A virtual swimming challenge can be any distance or goal you wish to obtain,
with the time and date you have available, and with your choice of locations, from a puddle or bath tub to a swimming pool or the big blue ocean.
Let's Get Started!

Take the plunge! Here's how it works...

  1. ENTER AT TOP OF PAGE BY "ADDING" A MEDAL TO YOUR CART and get your debit/credit card handy -lol! CHOOSE one of our Virtual Swim challenges, add to cart, and pay for your purchase! The OPEN WATER DOG PADDLE was designed around adults and dogs, and you choose the distance you want to strive for. The BABY BARK division was designed for kids, smaller dogs and puppies who don't want BIG medals around their neck that weigh them down!
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  2. The OPEN WATER DOG PADDLE finisher medal is a custom designed, high quality 2.5" medal with a custom 2019 BARK WEEK designed satin ribbon. COST: $20 donation with free shipping. The BABY BARK finisher medal is a custom designed, high quality 2" medal with a custom 2019 BARK WEEK designed satin ribbon. COST: $15 donation with free shipping. Both medals shown below. Local pick-up at our partner, The Spokesman Pro Bike Works in Mandeville also.
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  3. Once you've registered it's time to commit to a distance and hit the Open Water! Or the pool, or a puddle, or the bath tub! You get the idea, we want your and your pup to get active and Go the Distance you chose! You can complete your distance over the course of a month, in one or multiple sessions, in as many locations as needed. We don't need to know the distance, but you're encouraged to challenge yourself & your pup + send us a photo or video when you're done!
    SWIM or float or bathe
  4. Our Virtual Swimming Challenges are designed to make staying active fun, and they are based on the honor system! We will mail all medals out toward the end of July, knowing you made an effort to finish your pledge. We encourage you to send in photos of you or your pooch doing the challenge and we will gladly share on our social! Your reward is a custom quality medal and knowing you've made a donation to an all-volunteer charity helping Kids & K-9s!

Here's some suggestions on how to go the distance...

Swim in a pool

In a fountain

In a puddle

In a lake

On a floatie

In the Bahamas


2019 Open Water & BABY BARK Medals

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Virtual Swim Challenge
Medals TODAY!
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is helping Kids & K-9s!

Send us a photo or video
once you've completed the challenge, so we can post to our social media channels!
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T-shirts are Gildan Softstyle in Tropical Blue.
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I Shoulda done
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